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Texas Hill Country Wildlife

Texas has finally received rain and the wildlife is out in abundance.  The Blair House Inn has 23 acres of lush Hill Country and guests reap the benefits of nature’s wonders.  Photo opportunities are available in all of the wonderful hideaways.  Below is a 12 point buck that was spoted feeding and on the prowl for does.  This was taken just outside of the Main Lodge in the front yard.

Courtesy of Michael R. Tucker

 On warm days you can see the relaxation that deer enjoy in our shaded lawn just under the oak trees.  This doe is enjoying the breeze while her 10 point companion is looking at the sights.  This is also taken just outside of the Main Lodge in the front yard.

Courtesy of Michael R. Turner

White tailed deer are pretty common in the Hill Country, but keep a fast eye out for the ever mischievous jack rabbits.  During our long drought you could see two playing in our dry pond bed to pass the time.  It would be hard to miss the large ears on these Texas sized rabbits. 

Camera Shy

A guest favorite is sure to be our long time resident silver fox.  She is beautiful!  Known to come up as close as 10 feet away from guests relaxing on their deck, this is certainly a sight to see.  During the summer months she was even spotted lounging on our stone wall to cool of in the setting sun and evening breeze.
the curious silver foxsilver fox kit
Now we know that sqirrels are common in every yard in America, but our friend will bring a warm smile to anyone’s face.  Every day you can find him at 3 pm in our bird feeder enjoying all of Chef’s leftovers.  He maneuvers in and defiantly stocks up for the winter months to come.
Fat squirel

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