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Hotel F&B magazine was intrigued with the custom designed executive teambuilding retreats offered to large and small companies.  “The biggest thing for us is it creates a point of difference from other operations, especially around Texas,” quoted by owner Vickie Schneider.  By taking executives out of the office setting that can be tense and stressful, and placing them in a kitchen with everyone having a common goal, helps to create a bond and team spirit that will continue when returning to the working environment.   Retreats can be coordinated by group interest with over a dozen menus to choose from.  Two, three, and five course meals that can include both lunch and dinner sessions will provide students with recipes and knowledge to create and execute in their kitchens at home.  “When, [executives] come here, it’s to create a bonding situation they feel is not present at their company,” says Michael.  “But that bonding does happen while working together in a kitchen, because everyone is contributing toward one goal.”  This is an equation and solution to building last bonds and relationships between coworkers. 

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