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Lomi Lomi Massage

“One practice, which has survived to this day, called the Lomi Lomi, is a luxurious one. It is a process in which skillful hands knead the body, manipulate the joints, after which a delightful and refreshing languor steals over the whole body.”
– Alexander S. Twombly

Lomi Lomi Massage

The Blair House Inn’s day spa offers an abundant selection of stylized massages. There is the Swedish massage, which focuses on muscle tension to induce relaxation, the deep tissue massage, which employs techniques that are slower and uses deep pressure to release stress and tension, the hot stone, which uses smooth heated basalt stones to transmit warmth and energy, while massage strokes release pressure from your body, and the Lomi Lomi massage, a traditional Hawaiian massage that works with the body’s natural flow and rhythm, creating a deep state of healing and well being.

All of our massage therapists are professionally trained, however, to be certified to practice Lomi Lomi, they must travel to the beautiful and tranquil lands of Hawaii, where they are taught by locals the unique technique that has been handed down from generation to generation. The Lomi Lomi holds an important place in the Hawaiian people’s culture and history; traditionally everyone in the ‘ohana(family) knew Lomi Lomi, and massaged each other every day. The massage has been used not only for relaxation purposes, but native healers have used it as physical therapy to cure injury and illness.

The movement of the hands, combined with the power of meditation, breath, and loving touch are what make the Lomi Lomi unique. The movements are gentle, graceful, and rhythmic, alternating between light and deep massage on the body’s pressure points, nerve centers, muscle tissues and external organs. The result is removal of toxic waste, tension, pain and fatigue, and replaces them with positive energy, increases circulation, and improves muscle tone.

Our spa is open to everyone. Come book an appointment to experience the sublime Lomi Lomi massage, or any one of our massages by calling 512-847-1111.

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