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Welcome Back Chef Chris Huffman

Chef Chris HuffmanBlair House Inn is thrilled to welcome back chef Chris Huffman. Chef Huffman helped elevate the cuisine and improve the cooking schools at Blair House. He is sure to bring some new energy into the kitchen. We are in the process of creating the new cooking school schedule and Chris has some great ideas for next year. His insight into teaching cooking schools is an invaluable benefit for anyone wanting to learn some new recipes or just wanting improve their skills. The schools are a hands on approach to cooking and a history lesson into the origin of the food being prepared. Chef Chris Huffman runs a well rounded school to make anyone a hit at their next dinner party.

Chris was born and raised in Longview, Texas. He attended the Culinary Academy of Austin, presently known as the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. After graduation, Chris was employed by the popular South Congress restaurant Mars. From there, he worked his way up to become sous chef of Jeffrey’s Restaurant & Bar, working with many talented chefs. An Austin landmark for more than four decades, Jeffrey’s has been the restaurant of choice for presidents, governors, celebrities, and rock stars. After relocating to the Hill Country Chris opened the Goodnight Diner in Dripping Springs, where he and his wife Jana, a pastry chef, served up “comfort by the plateful”. After Chris and Jana decided to start a family, Chris accepted the position as Executive Chef and Instructor at the Blair House Inn. Chris moved over to The Mercantile last year to help a friend get his restaurant up and running. The mercantile is a tasty little tapas bar with hand picked selection of wine from the region. Having handing off the reigns in the kitchen to a fellow chef, Chris decided to come back to Blair House with the new owners, Chris and Lois Mahoney. We have really put together a wonderful group of people at the Blair House Inn. Come have fun with us. Welcome back Chef Chris Huffman!

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