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Halloween Dinner, Last Meal Of The Titanic

Blair House Inn will be hosting a very special event for this year’s Halloween Dinner, Last Meal of the Titanic. Chef Chris Huffman has set a menu to highlight some of the fine dining available to passage of the fateful voyage. Since our Saturday evening dinner falls on Halloween this year, we decided to take advantage. Dining aboard the Titanic ranged from lavish ten course extravaganzas designed to put the well-to-do passengers in a food coma, to simple, hearty meals for lower deck travelers. The food and drink flowed freely for passengers on the maiden voyage of the doomed ship with no end in sight. Everyone knows the ultimate fate of Titanic after an iceberg collision. What most don’t know is the extravagance of the wealthy on board.  At the modern day equivalent of $124,000 for a first class ticket, passages expected the best and received the best. Join us for this weekend for a unique dinner and good company. Rooms are still available as well as space for those guests wanting to join us only for dinner on Saturday night. Our Halloween Dinner, Last Meal of the Titanic is not to be missed. We promise the restaurant will not sink.

Poached Salmon with Mousseline & Cucumbers

Consommè Olga

Chilled Asparagus Vinaigrette

Filet Mignon Lili

Waldorf Pudding

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