Texas Barbecue Cooking School


Do the warm summer months have you hankering for some good Texas Barbecue?

Do we have a Cooking School for you!  Run by our top-notch Chef  Norris Sebastian, the Texas BBQ camp teaches you everything you need to know about BBQ. Be the envy of your neighbors when they smell the enticing aromas coming from your backyard!

Barbecue is a traditional style of preparing beef and is one of the many different varieties of barbecue found around the world.

Texas barbecue traditions can be divided into four general styles: East Texas, Central Texas, South Texas, and West Texas. The Central and East Texas varieties are generally the most well-known Additionally, in deep South Texas and along the Rio Grande Valley, a Mexican style of meat preparation known as barbacoa can be found. The word barbacoa in Spanish means barbecue though in English it is often used specifically to refer to Mexican varieties of preparation.

Generally speaking, the different Texas barbecue styles are distinguished as follows. In the East Texas style, the beef is slowly cooked to the point that it is “falling off the bone”, typically over hickory wood, and marinated in a sweet, tomato-based sauce. In the Central Texas style, the meat is rubbed with spices and cooked over indirect heat from pecan or oak wood. In the West Texas style, the meat is cooked over direct heat from mesquite wood giving it a somewhat bitter taste. The South Texas style features thick, molasses-like sauces that keep the meat very moist. Learn everything there is to know about Texas BBQ, as featured on the Food Network and you’ll be the new star in the neighborhood.

Our BBQ Camp is sold out for June. However, due to high demand, we just added an additional Barbecue Camp for August 6-8, 2012, and we still have availability for the October 8-10 class.






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